Malmö : “Intercultural Competence”   more » 21st October 2008

Montreal: "The role of community development in the building of social cohesion: a contribution from Montreal"   more » 11th Dec. 2008, 9th Feb. 2009

Santiago: “New Covenant in building social cohesion in Latin American cities”   more » 25th - 26th November 2008

Paris : “Think differently: Supporting local socioeconomic initiatives in the city for strengthening social cohesion?”   more » 12-13 January 2009

Barcelona : “Global and local dynamics in cities from a gender perspective: the case of Barcelona”   more » 29th - 30th January 2009

Manchester: “Nature, social cohesion and the city”   more » 11th February 2009

Milan: "Social cohesion in city, local welfare and social services”   more » 6th March 2009

Brussels: "Micronomics"   more » 30th April – 2nd May 2009

Budapest: “The housing aspect of dealing with extremely segregated neighbourhoods”   more » 25th 26th May 2009

Local stakeholder workshops in Lisbon   more » 17th October 2008, 15th April 2009

Local stakeholder workshops in Leuven   more » various dates

Local stakeholder workshops in Barcelona   more » various dates

Local stakeholder workshops in Naples   more » 11th December 2008

Local stakeholder workshops in Vienna   more » various dates

Local stakeholder workshops Montreal   more » 8th April, 18-20 August 2009

Vienna: Trandisciplinary Symposium: Social inequality and cultural diversity in European Cities   more » 14th-15th October 2010

Lisbon: Educational resources for social and territorial cohesion in the city – Intercultural Polis   more » 18th October 2010

Naples: Crisis, labour market and social cohesion in the city   more » 5th November 2010

Leuven: Prospective Urbaine – Exploring Urban Futures   more » 9th November 2010

Brussels: The Urban Platform   more » 19th-21th November 2010

Launching Conference of Social Polis, Brussels   more » 27th-28th May 2008

Vienna Conference   more » 11th-12th May 2009

European Learning Event   more » 18th-19th November 2010