Local Stakeholder Meeting in Lisbon

17th October 2008

On the 19th of January the Lisbon team organised the second Portuguese Stakeholder Meeting. As a starting point two non?academic stakeholders were asked to give 30-minute presentations, based on the projects and initiatives they had been developing, where they sought to identity the main lacunae in the "investigation & research – practice & action" nexus. The presentations focused on research and practice methodologies (use of language, commitment to social transformation, etc), as well as on the thematic content of the research and practice agendas. Each presentation was followed by 1,5 hour discussions.
The results of the workshop were very fruitful in terms of the definition of new challenges for research and their relationships with ‘field’ practice. In comparison with the 1st Local Stakeholder Meeting in Lisbon held on the 17th of October 2008 this one was much more dynamic, perhaps because the methodology has been changed. Whilst the ‘triggers’ (i.e. hypothetical problems/questions) were used to facilitate the discussion at the 1st Meeting, the stakeholder presentations served as a starting point for the 2nd one. This method has proved to be a better stimulus for discussion.

pdf  Download here the final report

Local Stakeholder Meeting in Lisbon (15th April 2010)

The meeting dealt with preparation of the Vienna Conference, focussing on the discussion of the two FRA proposals.