Local Stakeholder Workshop in Vienna

Local Stakeholder Workshop in Vienna (13th January 2009)

The first Austrian local stakeholder workshop was held at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration on the 13th of January 2009. The invited participants came from a wide range of institutions, including academic, non-governmental or governmental. Of the 10 stakeholders participating in the workshop three came from an academic institution, three from a NGO and four were members of the Viennese city administration.
The aim of the workshop was to discuss the concept of social cohesion as well as its operationalisation in public policy and to clarify stakeholder expectations towards the development of the SOCIAL POLIS platform. Topics discussed included the different aspects of social cohesion, policy problems in dealing with social cohesion, causal relations between different aspects of social cohesion and the problematic dialectic of agency and structure in social cohesion policy. At the end of the workshop the date for a second local stakeholder workshop was scheduled for the 17th of February 2009. The second workshop will be dedicated primarily to a thorough discussion of the Focused Research Agenda. The number of participants is likely to increase for the second workshop as the participants suggested some more stakeholders which they would like to have included.

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Local Stakeholder Workshop in Vienna (17th February 2009)

The second Austrian local stakeholder workshop took place on February 17, 2009 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Ten stakeholders participated in this workshop, seven of them had participated in the first workshop as well and we were happy to welcome three new stakeholders. Three participants came from the Vienna city government, three from a NGO and the other four came from different academic institutions. The idea of this second workshop was on the one hand to focus the general discussion on cities and social cohesion during the first workshop and connect it to the Focused Research Agenda. On the other hand this second workshop offered the opportunity to foster the relationship to the local stakeholder and invite new stakeholders to increase the diversity of perspectives. In this meeting, it became quite clear that most of the stakeholders couldn't really relate to the structure, language and emphasis of the FRA. They rather concentrated on two major methodological points, which seemed crucial to them for research on cities and social cohesion. First they underlined the importance of a transdisciplinary approach, which should include new ways of organization and funding of research. Secondly there was a common consensus on the significance of including ambivalences and contradictions in research and working realities on different scales into the collective knowledge production on cities and social cohesion.We decided together to hold one more workshop this autumn to come together once more and discuss the results and future perspective of Social Polis and our local collaborations.

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Local Stakeholder Workshop in Vienna (23th September 2009)

On September 23rd the third Local Stakeholder Workshop with 10 participants took place at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The stakeholders and the Social Polis team in Vienna agreed together on organizing this additional workshop to finalize the collective work process within the Social Polis platform and to discuss the possible continuation of the local network. Stakeholders from the Vienna city administration, local NGOs and other research institutions were attending this workshop and voiced their interest and commitment in fostering the transdisciplinary working process in Vienna that has started with Social Polis.

The first part of the workshop was dedicated to the discussion of the Focused Research Agenda with special focus on the transversal themes, which were edited by the team in Vienna. All stakeholders approved the text because it reflected the topics and concerns that were discussed and elaborated in the first two local stakeholder workshops. Comments of stakeholders were also integrated into the final text.

The second part concentrated on the discussion of a possible future of the local network. It was collectively decided that this process should be continued. The first step will be the translation into German and popularization of the transversal themes of the Focused Research Agenda to use it as a framework and common goal of the local network.

Vienna Conference May 2009


May 11-12, 2009


Social Polis has held an international conference on May 11-12, 2009 at the University of Economics in Vienna. The conference was one of the main events of Social Polis and its aim was to strengthen the platform by creating opportunities for discussion and exchange of experience and knowledge.
It was designed as an interactive and dialogical conference and focuses on following topics:
Future Directions of Research on Social Cohesion

  • What is social cohesion?
  • Significance of social cohesion in research and practice
  • Challenges for methodology in urban social cohesion research

What is Social Polis?

  • Creating a network between academics, policy makers and practitioners
  • Reflection on 12 existential fields and their usefulness for the future functioning of Social Polis
  • Outlook on the forthcoming steps of the project

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