Barcelona : “Global and local dynamics in cities from a gender perspective: the case of Barcelona”

Organiser: Fundació Surt
Contact: Mar Camarasa mar.camarasa[a]

On the 29th and 30th of January SURT Fundació de dones. Fundació privada, under SOCIAL POLIS grant support, held a workshop on ‘Global and local dynamics in the cities from a gender perspective: the case of Barcelona’. The workshop aimed at discussing and identifying key priorities of research on the effects of economic globalisation and the changes it implies for lives of migrant women, and their labour conditions and opportunities, as well as on the impacts of such changes on social cohesion in urban areas.
There were 21 participants, coming from the academic and institutional fields, as well as members of civil society organisations. Most of the participants represented organisations based in the area of Barcelona, but there was also a group from Italy. The workshop was structured in three roundtables that focused on: 1) the phenomenon of the feminisation of international migration and its impact on urban context, 2) the situation of migrant women regarding domestic/care work, and 3) the situation of migrant women concerning sex work. In each round table, there were two brief presentations of the topic by one contributor from the academic circles and one from non-academic stakeholders followed by discussion and debate involving all participants.
The workshop brought substantial recommendations concerning concrete topics that should be included in the European research agenda. Issues discussed were, for example, the need to study migration as a process and not as something static, taking into account the different stages migrant women go through. All recommendations are be put together in a report and related to Existential Fields, in order to outline the most significant gaps in research on women's migration, urban labour markets and social cohesion. The document will be entitled ‘Future research directions on the issue of global and local dynamics in cities from a gender perspective’.

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