Local stakeholder workshops in Leuven

17th December 2008

On the 17th of December 2008 the Institute for Social and Economic Geography at the Catholic University of Leuven held a local SOCIAL POLIS stakeholder workshop. The objectives of the workshop were, among others: 1) to present SOCIAL POLIS and the activities of the platform, 2) to get feedback on two proposals for Focused Research Agenda, 3) to discuss other issues and key questions regarding ‘Social cohesion and the city as a whole’ and other Existential Fields, 4) to strengthen the contacts with local stakeholders and broaden the SOCIAL POLIS Stakeholder Network by involving new Belgian partners, and 5) to present and discuss mechanisms through which stakeholders can contribute to SOCIAL POLIS.
In general, the 2nd proposal for the Focused Research Agenda - which was seen as an agenda for an action type of research offering a greater involvement of stakeholders in the SOCIAL POLIS platform and future research on ‘Cities and Social Cohesion’ - was preferred over the 1st proposal for FRA. In the view of stakeholders the issues of identity and culture in relation to social cohesion seem to have received too little attention in both proposals for Focused Research Agenda and should be addressed more explicitly. Furthermore, Belgian stakeholders raised other important issues, such as endogenous versus exogenous growth, the privatisation of public space, and the social cohesion of the rich.

pdf  Full report of the workshop

09 February 09 & 16 April 09– Brussels – meeting with City Mine(d)

City Mine(d) is an international network of individuals and collectives involved with city and local action.
They are part of stakeholders’ network 1 and of the Social Polis Inner Circle.
A discussion on the contribution to City Mine(d)’s stakeholder workshop Micronomics took place, and also City Mine(d) involvement in Social Polis and in future research was discussed. Jim Segers and Sofie Van Bruystegem from City Mine(d) were present.

04 March 09 & 16 March 09 – Brussels – Meeting with BON vzw

BON vzw is the Brussels welcome office for people of foreign origin and it is part of the stakeholders network 2.
A diiscussion on BON’s contribution to Social Polis and to the Vienna Conference took place. Niels De Block and Eric De Jonghe from BON vzw were present.