Local stakeholder workshops in Naples

Local Stakeholder Workshop in Naples (11th December 2008)

The meeting held on the 11th of December 2008 by the ITER / Federico II team in Naples , involving 6 stakeholders belonging to the practice and policy local community as well as 3 members of the Social Polis research network, has met the following objectives: 1) to inform stakeholders and researches on SOCIAL POLIS activities, and achievements (particularly the Focused Research Agenda and the website); 2) to collect their inputs to the Focused Research Agenda, through an interaction on themes, methods and research topics (specifically in Existential Field 2: Urban Labour Markets & Economic Development, and transversally on "City and social cohesion"); 3) to inform them about the ways in which they can contribute to SOCIAL POLIS for the future (writing a paper, giving inputs to EF2 Survey Paper, participating to the Vienna conference, etc).
The meeting began with a presentation by the Lead Partner, illustrating the state of the art in the Social Polis project, and the Focused Research Agenda, of which some topics relevant to Existential Field 2 and to the field of practice of the Neapolitan stakeholders were selected and elaborated on. After that, the researchers were asked to propose some topics for the debate, and to stimulate an in-depth discussion in a "round robin" format, in which all stakeholders had the opportunity to react with comments and suggestions to the proposed research themes and topics, also putting forward new ideas at a very concrete level.

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Local Meeting with stakeholders who participated to the Vienna conference (29th May 2009) The issues discussed at the meeting ranged from the opinions over conference results, the production of the minutes from the EF2 WG and of a full report, the future developments of the Social Polis Platform. The stakeholders present at the meeting were: E. Rebeggiani – Università di Napoli “Federico II”, F. E. Caroleo – University of Naples Parthenope, Sergio Destefanis, University of Salerno.