Malmö : “Intercultural Competence”

6th of November 2008, Malmö : “Intercultural Competence”

Organiser: House of Dreams, Malmö

Jessica Hultzén, jessica[a]
Maria Lindbom, maria.lindbom[a] (South Sweden / Region Skåne)
Mikael Stigendal, mikael.stigendal[a] (Malmö University)

The first stakeholder workshop was held in Malmö on 6th of November 2008 and focused on ‘Intercultural competence’ within the scope of EF3 Housing, Neighbourhood and Health. It was organised by the ‘House of Dreams’ (Jessica Hultzén), a non-governmental organisation helping people to fulfil their lives through cultural projects. Maria Lindbom, Development Officer at South Sweden / Region Skåne, and Mikael Stigendal, Senior Researcher at the Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University, were co-organizers. The idea was to explore the competences which young people from deprived neighbourhoods develop when growing up in a multi-cultural environment and how such competences would benefit both their integration into society and also the broader society. The debate was organised in accordance with the OPERA method: a set of precise questions is prepared in advance and is meticulously addressed and clearly answered by different working groups during the meeting. 40 participants with various professional backgrounds in addition to the young people were invited to discuss these questions which notably focused on setting up a clear definition of ‘intercultural competence’ among young people in deprived neighbourhoods.

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