Vienna Conference


May 11-12, 2009


Social Polis has held an international conference on May 11-12, 2009 at the University of Economics in Vienna. The conference was one of the main events of Social Polis and its aim was to strengthen the platform by creating opportunities for discussion and exchange of experience and knowledge.
It was designed as an interactive and dialogical conference and focuses on following topics:
Future Directions of Research on Social Cohesion

  • What is social cohesion?
  • Significance of social cohesion in research and practice
  • Challenges for methodology in urban social cohesion research

What is Social Polis?

  • Creating a network between academics, policy makers and practitioners
  • Reflection on 12 existential fields and their usefulness for the future functioning of Social Polis
  • Outlook on the forthcoming steps of the project

All the information and material you need are on a dedicated blog: