EF 9 Diversity and Identity

The increasing flows of people, information and goods bring a growing diversity of people to interact and collaborate across the world. As a result, ‘diversity’ - all aspects based on which people differ from each other - is more and more at the core of public debates and policy-making. Moreover, individuals and groups, now situated within multiple contexts, identify themselves with particular nations, cities, neighbourhoods or communities, a specific social class, subculture, ethnicity, religion, gender, and so forth. This is most manifest in cities, where diversity occurs in proximity. Policy answers in this existential field are required with regard to migration, labour market, education, governance, citizenship and especially social cohesion.

Sako Musterd, AMIDSt Amsterdam, s.musterd[a]uva.nl
Thea Dukes, AMIDSt Amsterdam, m.j.m.dukes[a]uva.nl

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