EF 7 Education and Training

This existential field addresses education and training as two interrelated processes and institutional systems whose common aim is the promotion of learning, i.e. the acquisition and development of long-lasting dispositions, skills, knowledge and behaviour. These two components of learning are jointly and explicitly regarded in their multiple dimensions (individual and collective, formal and informal, early and lifelong), in relation to urban environments and city networks (learning in the city, from the city and for the city), and in terms of their dynamics of inclusion and exclusion. A particular focus lies on the features of cities, urban neighbourhoods and communities as learning environments.

Isabel André, CEG-UL Lisboa, isabelandre[a]fl.ul.pt
Jorge Malheiros, CEG-UL Lisboa, jmalheiros[a]fl.ul.pt
Alexandre de Abreu, CEG-UL Lisboa, alexabreu[a]fl.ul.pt
André Carmo, CEG-UL Lisboa, andrecarmo83[a]gmail.com

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