EF3 Housing, Neighbourhood and Health

Housing, neighbourhood and health are interlocking issues. An individual’s sense of well-being is determined to a large degree by the quality and experience of their home and neighbourhood. Longstanding issues of housing shortage leading to homelessness remain, while much housing is of poor quality or difficult to access. In spite of research and policy activity across all member states, there are still neighbourhoods that trap poorer people. Some of the solutions now pose their own problems: gated communities and gentrification - to name but two - contributing to a greater polarisation and loss of community cohesion. Shifting social relations within places between rapidly changing ethnic, age and class groups and resultant changes in patterns of interaction and neighbourhood relations add to greater pressure on individual and community well-being.

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Rose Gilroy, Newcastle University, r.c.gilroy[a]newcastle.ac.uk
Stuart Cameron, Newcastle University, s.j.cameron[a]newcastle.ac.uk
Konrad Miciukiewicz, Newcastle University, konrad.miciukiewicz[a]ncl.ac.uk

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