EF 4 Mobility, Telecommunications and Security

These urban infrastructures are a crucial aspect of inclusive, socially cohesive, urban environments. Poor performance in these areas limits or inhibits access, communication, security and privacy. There are many overlaps between these fields, such as how security in transit spaces affects the propensity of different societal groups to use such space; and the ways in which virtual accessibility may substitute for physical mobility. Quasi-privatisation processes in all three fields, especially in combination, feature here, as do issues associated with urban form such as activity decentralisation and local governance.

David Wood, Newcastle University, d.f.j.wood[a]newcastle.ac.uk
Geoff Vigar, Newcastle University, g.i.vigar[a]newcastle.ac.uk
Konrad Miciukiewicz, Newcastle University, konrad.miciukiewicz[a]ncl.ac.uk

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