EF 11 Neighbourhood Development and Grassroots Initiatives

Urban neighbourhoods are often recognised as the scenes and the sites where dynamics of social cohesion (exclusion from the housing market, integration into particular social networks, rights to the use of public space, social and economic consequences of corporate restructuring…) are most tangible within the city. Within the overall urban dynamics, neighbourhoods have also been laboratories of socio-economic development projects, grassroots initiatives and social innovation, especially in the social economy. Within this EF different perspectives on the socio-economic development of urban neighbourhoods are shared and new avenues for action-oriented research discussed.

Laurent Fraisse, CRIDA, Paris, laurent.fraisse[a]lise.cnrs.fr
Jean-Louis Laville, Conservatoire National des Arts et MĂ©tiers (CNAM), Paris, laville[a]iresco.fr

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