EF 12 Social Cohesion and the City as a Whole

Research on social cohesion needs an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach which involves a variety of scientific angles and types of users and stakeholders, because it concerns society as a whole and affects multiple spatial scales. It goes beyond issues of inequality, exclusion and inclusion, and across public, market and voluntary sectors. Social Polis assembles multiple dimensions of relevant debates (on economy, polity, society, culture, ethics) across the city as a whole and a variety of life spheres. Its answer to the multifaceted challenges resulting from the splintering of the city, is to look at it ‘as a whole’, thus building a firm ground on which to make comprehensive proposals for urban public policy and collective action.

Frank Moulaert, ASRO, KU Leuven, frank.moulaert[a]skynet.be
Stijn Oosterlynck, ASRO, KU Leuven, Stijn.Oosterlynck[a]asro.kuleuven.be
Andreas Novy, Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien, andreas.novy[a]wu.ac.at
Daniela Coimbra, Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien, dcoimbra[a]wu.ac.at

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