Workshop: Nature, social cohesion and the city

This mini-site is the resource legacy of the Nature, Social Cohesion and the City conference that took place at the University of Manchester on 11th February 2009.

The conference was organised by Action for Sustainable Living(AfSL) in conjunction with the University of Manchester’s School of Environment and Development. It brought policymakers, NGOs, academics and the public together to discuss the nexus between cities, social cohesion and nature. This conference is partnered with

Social Polis Existential Field 5: Urban Ecology and Environment

Conference report pdf  PDF Download

The conference line-up and many of the PowerPoint presentations are available below.

Programme and presentations


pdf  Introduction to Social Polis
Erik Swyngedouw (University of Manchester)

Introduction to AfSL
Josh Steiner (AfSL)

Session 1: Urban sustainability: Policies, practices and ideologies
Chaired by Erik Swyngedouw (University of Manchester)

pdf  The emerging role of the city region
Mike Reardon (Greater Manchester Environment Commission)

Making sustainable communities work
Chris Wright (AfSL)

pdf  From expectations to aspirations: The new politics of sustainable urbanism in the UK
Mike Raco (King’s College London)

Session 2: Democratic urban environmental politics?
Chaired by Josh Steiner (AfSL)

Letting the people decide: Manchester’s congestion charge and beyond
Lucy Powell (Manchester Labour Party)

Getting the green light: Sustainable neighbourhoods in Manchester
Tim McMahon (MERCi)

pdf  Post-democratic urban environments?
Erik Swyngedouw (University of Manchester)

Session 3: Social justice and the urban environment
Chaired by Erik Swyngedouw (University of Manchester)

pdf  MICRONOMICS, we all make the economy, stupid
Jim Segers (Citymine(d))

pdf  Environmental justice: The Black Environmental Network approach
Judy Ling Wong (Black Environment Network)

pdf  Environmental justice in context: Social difference, inequality and the city
Gordon Walker (Lancaster University)

The future of urban environmental policies
Chaired by Ian R. Cook (University of Manchester)

pdf  Strategic vs. grassroots - an environmentalist's dilemma
Simon Robinson (Manchester Knowledge)

Designing for the ecological age: A view n social sustainability pdf  part1 pdf  part2
Korinna Thielen (ARUP)

(The politics of the metropocene: Shades of green, blue and grey)->FILE_11
Mark Whitehead (Aberystwyth University)