EF1 Welfare and Social Services

National welfare models take a specific form in each city. Ongoing macro-transformations shape the local contexts in specific ways, as their impact is filtered by the specific local configurations of development, political and social history, culture, community resources, features of the civil society. The approach of the local welfare system takes into account the interplay between the national welfare system on the one hand, and the specific processes of welfare provision and demand in local contexts on the other. It aims at analysing this interplay taking into account the mixes of actors and the different profiles of social needs.

Serena Vicari, Università Milano Bicocca, serena.vicari[a]unimib.it
Enzo Mingione, Università Milano Bicocca, enzo.mingione[a]unimib.it
Marianna d’Ovidio, Università Milano Bicocca, marianna.dovidio[a]unimib.it
Alberta Andreotti, Università Milano Bicocca, alberta.andreotti[a]unimib.it
Chiara Tornaghi, Università Milano Bicocca, chiara.tornaghi[a]unimib.it

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